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Shawn Bishop
989-479-3261 x53600
Matt Quintano
PreK-5 Principal
989-479-3261 x53103
Aaron Bulgrien
6-12 Principal
989-479-3261 x53400
Troy Schelke
Athletic Director; Physical Education Teacher
989-479-3261 x53562
Brian Fuller
Assessment Coordinator; Academic Advisor
989-479-3261 x53405
David Roggenbuck
Director of Technology; Computer Science Teacher
989-479-3261 x53439
Pat Terrill
Transportation; Athletics Secretary
989-479-3261 x53362
Brianna Aulseybrook
Elementary Teacher
989-479-3261 x53117
Deb Anderson
989-479-3261 x53260
Vicki Bishop
Elementary Teacher
989-479-3261 x53114
Sarah Blacker
Ag and Science Teacher
989-479-3261 x53358
Rachel Booms
Elementary Teacher
989-479-3261 x53113
Nancy Bucholtz
Elementary Teacher
989-479-3261 x53156
Krystal Castro
Administrative Assistant
989-479-3261 EXT 53102
Andrea Cleland
Student Health Center
989-479-3261 x53445
Cathy Cook
Food Service
989-479-3261 x53314
Glen Cook
Student Resource Officer
989-479-3261 x53430
Sara DeDona
Music Teacher
989-479-3261 x53337
Haylie Essenmacher
Para Professional/Student Teacher
Nancy Franzel
Elementary Teacher
989-479-3261 x53106