Skyward Family Access Instructions

Logging in to Skyward from a computer/tablet:

  1. Go to the school website: Harbor Beach website

  2. Click on the Skyward Family Access link.

  3. Enter your login information. If you haven't logged into Skyward before, you will be prompted to change your password. If you forgot your new password, please call the school office at (989) 479-3261 and ask to have your Skyward password reset.

Parents with multiple children in the school will only need one login. On the Family Access Home Page, there is a drop-down menu which allows parents to select each student’s information.
Contact Information:

A good place to start is making sure that your contact information is correct. To do this, login to Skyward and click on “My Account” at the top of the page. On this screen you can enter or update your email address. It would also be a good idea to double check the rest of your contact information. If phone number or address changes are necessary, please contact the school office. 


While still in the “My Account” page, you may choose to receive certain reports, such as daily attendance notifications, grading emails (warnings when a class grade goes below a certain level), regular progress reports (daily, weekly, or monthly), and food service balances. Parents can choose to receive some of these reports over email or wall message (or both). Wall messages will appear on the home screen when first logging in to Skyward.

Navigation Tabs (Left Side of Screen)

  • Home: This is the screen that is visible when first logging in. It may contain wall messages (notifications).

  • Calendar: The calendar contains school events and dates for assignments and tests entered from each course.

  • Gradebook: Parents can see current grades for all courses and any missing assignments.

  • Attendance: This page shows attendance history for the student.

  • Food Service: Using the “Food Service” tab, parents can check their child’s food service balance. This also shows payment history and weekly purchases made by the student.

  • Schedule: Here, parents can view a student’s schedule for each marking period.

  • Test Scores: This tab displays test scores (SAT, ACT, NWEA) for the student.

  • Portfolio: This tab is not currently used by the school.

  • School Directory: Parents may opt to display their family information (names and grade levels of each member). To share this information with other parents, select the appropriate box on the “My Account” page.

  • Login History: This page displays the previous times a parent logged into his or her account and which areas were viewed during each session.