Principal's Corner

To the Students of Harbor Beach High School:
On behalf of the entire high school staff, I want to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! We are all looking forward to working with you this new school year as we continue our tradition of academic and athletic excellence.
Harbor Beach High School has a lot to offer, and I encourage you to take advantage of your high school years and dedicate yourself now to a lifetime of learning. Work hard in your classes while preparing for your future. Get involved in school sports, clubs, and other enriching extra-curricular activities. Your wonderful experiences will create memories that will last a lifetime.
People generally get what they want from an education. Those who work hard achieve greatness, while those who try to get by with the bare minimum have little to show in the end.
Regrets are often hard to live with. I want you to have a school year with no regrets. Leave each class period knowing that you worked hard and learned something new. Walk away from the PSAT or SAT glad that you prepared as much as you did. Step off the athletic field or court – after a win or a loss – proud that you practiced hard beforehand and that you competed with determination. Show kindness to everyone, and make friends out of acquaintances. Walk across the stage at your graduation glad that you were involved, proud that you tried your best, and confident that you’re ready for life beyond high school. Continue your education after high school happy that you applied yourself and that you acquired scholarships and other opportunities that will make the next step easier or, for that matter, possible. I don’t know anyone who regrets doing the right thing or working hard, but I know plenty who regret wasting time or being rude to others. You can’t go back to change things later. At the end of each day and year, I hope you can say, “I’m glad I did…” instead of “I wish I had.…” Keep that in mind every day as you interact with others and attend classes, practices, and activities. If you do, then the 2019-2020 school year will certainly be your best year yet.
The incredible staff at Harbor Beach High School is here to help you on your journey to excellence.
Welcome to your best year yet!
Aaron Bulgrien
Harbor Beach High School Principal

Harbor Beach High School