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The 70/30 Food Intake

Physical activity is essential for a person to maintain a healthy body, but, nutrition is the single most important factor in growth, development, and maintenance of any animal on Earth. 

Using the 70/30 food consumption lifestyle can be hard in the beginning but once you use it, it will get easier. When planning meals, eating out or snacking you need to focus on having 70 percent of what you eat to be fresh or unprocessed. We live in a rural farming area but believe it or not nutritionists say Huron County is a fresh food desert, especially in the winter. Finding and keeping fresh the fruits and veggies your family will consume can cost more time and money. Time, because you will need to travel to a grocery that stocks fresh items and money because usually fresh items are more expensive and spoil quickly. 
Food items that are purchased in a can, box, sealed bag, and often frozen are usually processed and should be limited to 30% of your diet. Frozen fruits and vegetables are the next best thing to fresh so, in the winter these would be a good option for those of us living in a food desert.

Having a healthy diet can be cost saving in the long run for those of us who battle obesity, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and common colds. The health cost for these issues can be reduced or eliminated  with a healthy diet.
September is a great month for fresh fruits and vegetables, so grab an apple, pear, or carrot and enjoy the taste of fresh produce that will give you some much needed nutrition.